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10 Vegan Celebrities and Why They Became Vegan

The vegan diet comes to the forefront of society with many vegan celebrities. Many reasons support their diet changes, like choosing to not support animal cruelty. Another reason is because of their health and looks, a huge issue for celebrities who are in television and movies.
1. Ellen DeGeneres - each Ellen DeGeneres and her spouse, Portia de Rossi, are vegans because of their love for animals. Once they saw a documentary on caged animals, Ellen DeGeneres said it absolutely was an simple decision for them to quit eating meat and dairy products.

2. Mike Tyson - Mike Tyson has recently gone to the vegan diet, slimming down in the method, while additionally spending hours in the gym to create up his strength. His reasoning was to remove "drama" from his life and become a higher person through the vegan diet's benefits.

3. Demi Moore - for anyone who is aware of Demi Moore it should come as no surprise she could be a vegan. What's a surprise is the fact she is one in every of the celebrities who is currently half of the new raw vegan food movement that's getting into mainstream America.

4. Robin Williams - another in style celebrity who is half of the new raw vegan food movement is Robin Williams. Recently having heart surgery, going vegan is half of making an attempt to avoid more heart attacks and staying healthy.

5. Alicia Silverstone - Alicia has been quoted as saying "Going vegan is the only best thing I've tired my life. I'm so a lot of happier and more confident. I made a decision based mostly on my ethical beliefs."

6. Sandra Oh - one amongst the high doctors on Gray's Anatomy, Sandra Oh is also a vegan and has promoted this diet together with her co-stars by taking them out to a 100% cruelty free lunch at the "True Vegan" in Hollywood. She feels it is a life-style, not a dietary choice.

7. Woody Harrelson - when Woody Harrelson went on his vegan diet, he saw an increase in energy and during a healthy glow to his skin. His diet included raw beans, nuts, and vegetables. When he was a teenager, he had terrible skin problems and gave up dairy products at the suggestion of a friend. From then on his health and skin improved.

8. Joaquin Phoenix - a vegan actor who played Johnny Cash in "Walking the Line," His sister Summer is married to Casey Affleck (Ben's younger brother) who is also vegan and is designing on gap a vegan restaurant in L.A.

9. KD Lang - a famous singer, KD Lang, was treated violently with bomb threats and burning photos of her on her mother's lawn when she went on a meat free diet. "Who would have thought individuals who slaughter cattle with their bare hands might be violent?"

10. Tobey Maguire - Tobey has been meat free since 1992. When he had to bulk up for his role in Spiderman, he got his protein by eating lots of tofu.

Famous Vegetarians and Vegans 


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  1. Im pretty sure its Johnny Cash haha... not "Johnny Money"

  2. Thank's Anonymous for corrected me...

  3. ...and Demi Moore just was rushed to the hospital from "exhaustion". Maybe if she ate some meat she's perk up.

    1. maybe if you ate less meat you would be so pissy

  4. I love them. I became vegan overnight when I found what veganism was and that rescuing dogs and cats didn't mean animal love, cows, pigs, chickens and all those poor tested are ALSO animals.
    Loved the article, amazing blog!

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